Kids Surprise Choir Director by Singing ‘All You Need Is Love’ at His Wedding Rehearsal

Choir students at a Massachusetts middle school surprised their director with a song at his wedding rehearsal.

“I noticed everyone was holding video cameras and I was like ‘What’s going on?’” “Then I saw the first student come in and I was like ‘Oh my goodness,’ but I don’t think it hit me until all of these students came in and they were smiling and all dressed up. Then I started crying and they started crying.”

“The kids will ask ‘Who is that?’ I’ll say, ‘That’s Joe. He’s my friend.’ And it just hit me here that I always referred to him as my friend because I wasn’t sure how the kids would take it or the parents,” Landis said. “I felt like when the kids came to sing they were basically saying, ‘It’s OK. We know who Joe is.’ So now I say, ‘Joe, my husband.’”