Study Finds Your Beard Could Make You Sick

Several studies have found evidence that beards can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

One study from Manchester University recently swabbed the beards of men and found 47% contained fecal matter. So should men be shaving if they want to avoid this? Dr. Sarah Jarvis says, “On the one hand there is potential for beards to be full of bacteria, but a lot of it is normal bacteria that would normally live on the skin anyway. On the other hand, shaving isn’t great for your skin either.

The issue is that beard hair is courser than normal hair, therefore it’s more likely to trap germs and dirt. Food can get stuck in there, germs can live on them and you can end up with eczema and other skin conditions because you get scales building up.” Other studies have found that facial hair spreads more bacteria than clean shaven faces.