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New York City-born Weber began his four-decade high fashion retailing career as a clerk at Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, eventually becoming CEO and board member of the company which owns and oversees such iconic brands as Calvin Klein, Phillips Van Heusen and Izod.

Weber joined the French luxury giant LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) as CEO of LVMH inc, the U.S. subsidiary, and a member of the LVMH executive committee in Paris. He was also chairman and CEO of Donna Karan international, wholly owned by LVMH.

In addition, Weber had operational responsibility for global fashion brands including Thomas Pink in the UK, and Edun, the partnership between LVMH and Bono. He has authored two books on the business of fashion, most recently: Always In Fashion: From Clerk to CEO — Lessons for Success in Business and in Life.


Uber plans to begin drone food delivery by 2021

Tired or waiting for your delivery driver? Uber is apparently planning to roll out delivery by drone in in the new couple of years! Fingers crossed a bird doesn’t get it it before you.

Uber plans to begin drone food delivery by 2021

Uber aims to roll out a fleet of food delivery drones in as little as three years, according to a report. A job ad spotted over the weekend pinpointed 2021 as Uber's target for its first drone delivery, and said the ride-sharing behemoth is searching for someone to lead "Flight Standards and Training."